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dog_pound [userpic]

(no subject)

September 27th, 2007 (09:10 am)

Loosely Strung is... sort of back up. We lost everything from before, and I STILL don't know what happened. Please, come back on over and post :)

dog_pound [userpic]

Doll... info?

September 25th, 2007 (08:38 am)

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Time for an update on my current "family." I know that it's hard to keep up with my ever-changing doll collection, so I may as well post em' up.

Souldoll Lune - Leander (police officer)
Iplehouse Soo Ri head) - Oren (police officer)
Volks SD13 Tony - Benji (lawyer)
Volks SD13 Sch. Head A - Denny (veternarian)
Volks SD13 F-31 - Marty (ex-rockster)
Volks SD13 F-21 head - ???? (????)
Volks SeiRei Yugiri - Iyell (????)
Doll in Mind Marigold - Jocelyn (kid)
Doll in Mind Eunbi on male Domuya Flexibody - Sasha (volunteer worker @.@)
Cerberus Project Soony - Noli (stay-at-home wife / nanny)
Cerberus Project Dambi - Bixby (eZine writer / blogger / freeland editor / etc.)

On the way:
Cerberus Project Shine head
and a suprise ><

So, yeah. If you have any questions about them, I suppose I'd be happy to answer. At the very least it'd give me something to do. So, yeah, ask about their characters, or the doll itself, or whatever. I'm bored >

dog_pound [userpic]

Elfdoll Tea Party

September 24th, 2007 (09:21 am)

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current mood: cranky

Anyone in the Sacramento area want to go to the Elfdoll Tea Party this weekend? Reddy2Rokk and I are thinking of driving up and down that day... No hotels or anything. I just can't afford it. Plus, Jen is going to be gone that weekend, so I need something to keep me busy :)

Also I do not know what is wrong with Loosely Strung. I know that it is down, but I have NO IDEA what to do about it. The gal who usually fixes stuff like this is currently sick and doesn't have the energy to figure out what's going on. Let's just hope it gets sorted out.

dog_pound [userpic]

Sale and Photos

September 16th, 2007 (11:03 am)

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current song: Collective Soul - Forgiveness

I has stuff for sale on DoA!

Doll heads
Wigs and Eyes

I also took a few pictures I thought were worth sharing on their own merit, and not just as sales pictures.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Juri 06' lookin Earthy in a 3D wig.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Juri 06' lookin' creepy in a DoT wig.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Iyell (Volks Yugiri) looking adorable in kimono and Volks wig.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Iyell looking fucking AWESOME in the Yugiri default wig. I would keep it, but having a Yugiri with default face, default eyes, and default wig might be pushing it a bit. I thought I hated this wig... but no.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Iyell looking angelic in Volks Spring Stroll Liz wig and Yugiri wings.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Ralphie (CherishDoll Chubby) looking CUTE AS PIE in a Bratz Boyz outfit.

dog_pound [userpic]

New dolls (a bit late)

June 25th, 2007 (09:32 pm)

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current song: Megadeath - Angry Again

I haven't updated in a while. I'm bad at that. Dolls come and go constantly... I take pictures, but generally just post them on Loosely Strung. I figured I'd post em' here for the few people that read :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Miles (Ninodoll Bada on SD10 body) and Jay (Hugo SN on Dollzone 70cm body), my odd-couple. I still haven't worked out their story, and frankly I don't do much posing with them. Both bodies are hard to deal with, particularly Miles'. I hope he starts cooperating soon, because y'all know what happens to dolls that I don't play with >>

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
This here is Bixby (CP Dambi). I've really grown fond of him in a very short amount of time. He's just such a sweet boy, and I love his mold. I have no plans to sell him ^_~ I'm working on a personality and all of that. He's just such a friendly-looking guy.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
And here is Mr. School Head A. He's proven himself to be quite the klutz. He took a faceplant and scratched his cheek, thus the bandaid. Jen has done such a lovely job on his face I don't want to wipe it for sanding and repair, so for now he gets a bandaid. I think it's cute >>

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

dog_pound [userpic]

Loose Joints is no more...

May 30th, 2007 (09:52 am)

current mood: awake

But please, feel free to hop on over to my new community: Loosely Strung


dog_pound [userpic]

Catching up

May 19th, 2007 (10:28 am)

Well, I finally took some pictures of the new arrivals... since I've been bad and haven't before. I'll let you decide what you think ^_~

Read more...Collapse )

dog_pound [userpic]


May 15th, 2007 (06:20 pm)

I haven't posted in a while, and it's come to my attention that people have... no idea what my current doll collective is. So... I thought I'd go ahead and post a little bit about them as it stands.

SoulDoll Lune: Leander
He's a police officer (patrol; mostly night shift) with a long-term bo'friend.

Iplehouse Soo Ri: Oren - waiting for a new body. I'm thinking of one of the new Soul Doll bodies, as he matches pretty well with Leander :)
Also a police officer (patrol; mostly night shift) and Leander's partner. Also with a long-term bo'friend who he'd very much like to visit again.

Volks SD13 Tony: Benji Hawkes - Benji will be looking into a new faceup soon
Lawyer for a big label in the music industry. Makes sure that naughty rock stars don't get into too much trouble. Married to Noli.

CP Soony: Magnolia "Noli" Hawkes
Housewife and Nanny. Married to Benji. The most versitile of my dolls with ever-changing hair styles :)

Hypermaniac Ishta: Felix
Leander's cousin / older sister. They have the same mother, but when Felix was born she was young and unmarried, so Felix was adopted by her Aunt and Uncle who had been trying to have kids. In a relationship with Nova.
Haven't figured out what she does just yet... still working on her backstory.

Volks SD13 F-31: Marty
Rockstar! Well, failed rockstar >> "Married" to J.D. Fortune with two kiddies: Jocelyn and ralph.

DiM Marigold: Jocelyn
Kid. Marty's daughter by a bitch named Jessica ^_~ Adopted daughter of J.D.

Elysium Hugo SN: Jay - Will be getting a Dollzone 70cm boy body at some point.
Metalhead. Bassist in a semi-popular prog metal band. Lazy, quiet, but good-natured :)

Ninodoll Bada on an SD10 boy body - Miles
Needs moar history ><

KW Poppy head on an SD10 girl body - Sophie
Needs moar history

Tan Lion / Tan Lion (Sleeping) - Needs moar everything

Unidoll Jace - Needs moar everything. May or may not stay. Haven't decided yet >>

COMING: CP Dambi. Need to pay this fucker off.

dog_pound [userpic]

(no subject)

March 30th, 2007 (05:35 pm)

I haven't posted pics in a while, so I'll go ahead and spam with some crappy ones :)

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Noli looking scary in an absolutely gorgeous Dollheart dress *_* Normally I'm not one for goth-loli, but this is just too cute.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Oren on a bust in a wig that isn't his... But he looks good in it ^_^

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Jay in ugly yellow eyes, a wig that isn't his, and a jacket that isn't his... in a horrible picture. Go me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Felix, Nova's girlfriend. I finally got her head back from Kym, but i hadn't taken pictures. I LOVE her. She is SO CUTE and tom-boyish.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
She's so sad :D

There, that was a sampling of the horrible pictures I've been taking lately.

>> In other news, I put a downpayment on a Unidoll Jace. Why, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA O.O

dog_pound [userpic]

(no subject)

February 25th, 2007 (01:27 pm)

Normally I wouldn't place non-doll related items on here, but... whatever. I'm selling these, but I may also trade for doll stuff or other manga >> They're just taking up space. Let me know if you are interested.

For Sale Media Mail shipping is included to the U.S. I accept PayPal for payment. I have good feedback on eBay under Mister_Moony.

Fushigi Yuuji 1-11 in excellent condition. Most of the volumes are the larger editions. $65

X/1999 by CLAMP 1-18 in excellent condition. Most not even read. $120

Petshop of Horrors 1-10 (full series). $60

Descendants of Darkness 1-10 $60

Saiyuki 1-9 (volume 3 has water damage, but is readable) + Saukyui: Reload 1-2 $60

One Piece 1-7 $35

Tokyo Boys & Girls 1-2 $11

Golden Cain $6
Finder Series I: Target and the Finder $6
Kizuna 1-3 $16
Selfish Love 1-2 $11
Level C 1-4 $22
Our Kingdom 1-2 $14

What I will trade for:

Please Save my Earth 15, 17+
Tramps Like Us 10+
Boys over Flowers 13+
Red River 15+
The Devil Does Exist 7+
Cipher 4+
Death Note 9+
Vampire Game 15

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